EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Two FREE Albums! - download Demonstration Static and FREE Candy direct, FREE! You can also listen to the albums "Demonstration Static" and "FREE Candy" with the Bandcamp players on this page, download from Bandcamp, or even download from Google Play, ALL FREE! What better way to discover the music of Circuit Static?

Don't want to download anything yet? Add Circuit Static to your favorite streaming site, available on Pandora, Spotify, YouTube to name a few.

See What Others Are Saying - Circuit Static was recently reviewed by Echosynthetic with his recent album "New Horizons", where it was called "one of the most refreshing, and surprising albums of 2017 so far".

Recent Performance at BSidesLV - Circuit Static recently performed live at the information security convention, BSidesLV on July 26 2017, at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Even if you missed it, you can check out the mix here

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