End of Summer Fund-raiser
Ending September 14th 2017

Many of you know I have been homeless for a long time now! Some of you have even donated previously. Now I am doing a final hardship fundraiser since I finally have an option for an apartment, I just need the funds to help me NO LONGER BE HOMELESS! In addition, I will be creating a new album with this fundraiser if it receives ANY donations.

How to Donate:

You can contribute by using my handy paypal.me link here. You can also send money with Google Wallet to my gmail address, written in anti-spam format here: circuit (.dot) static (@at) gmail (.dot) com. If you would rather just make purchases, you can buy my music from the links on each album listed from my music page. You can also check out my custom graphic products at Tangible Technomancy. You can even become a monthly supporting patron on Patreon

Do you have other questions? If not on the FAQ at the bottom, contact me

What You Get (Reward Section):

$5 - Get an advance, discounted copy of the upcoming album (digital version)

$10 - Get a Circuit Static photobomb on a picture of your choice that you supply digitally
- Get an alternate version of album art for the upcoming album (digital version)
- Get access to a collection of graphic works I have done, including custom photography, custom graphics and graphic edits in computer wallpaper format.
& all other previously listed rewards on this fundraiser

$25 - Get a custom graphic created and digitally signed by Circuit Static (suggestions accepted). It can also be made available on products at Tangible Technomancy.
- Get a copy of the short story of my recent defeats, triumphs, and how I got where I am today.
- Virtual Tour of the new apartment & studio location (what you helped fund!)
& all other previously listed rewards on this fundraiser

$50 - Signed copy of the upcoming album on C.D.
- Your name or nickname listed in album credits on C.D.
- A digital 'mixtape', done as a DJ style mix by Circuit Static with up to 10 Circuit Static songs of your choice (I will chose some to add as well). You can also choose to have them all chosen by me
& all other previously listed rewards on this fundraiser

$75 - Get your picture (or picture you own rights to) included in C.D. album art
- Get a USB Stick with a collection of various works from Circuit Static
& all other previously listed rewards on this fundraiser

$100 - Pick a name for one of the songs on the upcoming album, it will be used to help guide the creation of the song as well.
- Guest vocal drop. Either you can provide a 'vocal drop' to be used in one of my songs, or I will provide one for your works. This can include voice-acting work for an intro to one of your projects.
& all other previously listed rewards on this fund-raiser

$250 - Be named as the "Executive Producer" on the upcoming album.
- Chose the name, genre, and overall style of one song for the upcoming album. In addition, you will have the rights to use this song in your works (Circuit Static retains rights to the creation & ability to sell). Great for your YouTube video, Indie Movie and more!
NOTE: If this reward is taken, it will no longer be available. Only 1 available.
& all other previously listed rewards on this fund-raiser


Why didn't you use Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or a similar 'fundraising' website
A: Without going into a great deal of detail, I have used those sites before and have found more success when I run the fund-raiser myself, off my page. This is not only because of the fees those other sites charge, but also their questionable methods and use of your personal information.

Q: What are the donations going toward?
A: All donations go toward moving costs, deposit & rent to move in to my new apartment & prevent me from being homeless any longer. In addition to production costs for the new album (which the sales of after production will also help me raise funds)

Q: When will I receive my rewards if I donate?
A: All rewards will be sent out no later than September 30th 2017

Q: When does the fund-raiser end?
A: Only donations made prior to Thursday, September 14th 11:59 PM MST will be counted toward this fund-raiser & eligible for the rewards. Donations made after that will not be refunded.


Other Terms: Your personal information used to donate will not be used for any purpose other than communicating details of this fund-raiser and Circuit Static products. All donations are non-refundable, including those sent after the end date listed for this fund-raiser. Donation amounts must be made in a single donation to receive the rewards listed for that amount. Multiple donations cannot count toward a single reward for a larger donation amount (i.e. you cannot donate $10 five times to get the $50 reward), unless previously approved by Circuit Static in writing via email. Rewards will be sent by the date listed above provided there are no circumstances outside of my control that cause a delay (such as 'acts of god'). Furthermore, Circuit Static is not responsible for items lost in the postal mail. If you would like, you can request to purchase insurance for the package so that if you do not receive it, another can be sent (which will be covered by the insurance amount). In the unlikely event you donate for a limited reward item the same time as another person, you will receive all other rewards and a similar alternate reward to the limited reward to be determined. Terms may change at any time with or without notice. Circuit Static reserves all rights.